Guide 21 has been selected to provide tourism services for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police and the IDF, after an extensive, tender process.  Guide 21 provides accommodation solutions during operational activities. The company has met the highest classification requirements in security fields.

As part of our service, we consult all pertinent relevant government offices, attend meetings and provide consultations and assessments prior to such activities.

We are also a premium tourism provider for industry-leading companies such as Ness Technologies, Tadiran, Trinity Networks, among other American companies.

We are well known for high standards maintained, while providing service for both our local and global clients.



Guide 21 has become a trusted partner and a premium tourism provider for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police and the IDF. We have hosted many formal delegations both on scheduled and emergency visits, assuring highest level of hospitality during the entire visit time.

We take a great deal of time in preparing for your visit and sourcing the best suppliers in their chosen field.  Most visits last 4-5 days and are hosted at top hotels in major cities in Israel.


Delegation Management:

At Guide 21, we offer superior management of travel logistics, regardless of location or size. Whether you are looking for a specific assistance to support your delegation team or are looking for a full spectrum of delegation management solutions, we will work with you to customize our services in order to match all your needs.

Delegation Management services:

This section will provide a brief overview of what we can deliver. This list is not exhaustive – we will gladly prepare a custom proposal upon request.

  • Schedule and Agenda Management
  • Accommodation Management
  • Site Selection for meetings/ conference
  • Supplier Negotiation
  • Venue, Food and Beverage Coordination
  • Social Functions/Transport/ Tours/ Accompanying Persons Program
  • Audio / Video Solutions
  • Staff management
  • Print Material